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Punjabi Aloo Samosa

Punjabi Aloo Samosa

Rs 670

The irresistible national passion, our Punjabi Aloo Samosa is the classic Aloo samosa with delicious and smooth potato and chili filling which is then wrapped up in a flak crispy pastry, with just the correct amount of spices that you need.

Cooking Instructions

  • For best results deep fry frozen Punjabi aloo samosa in hot oil medium heat at (160°C-170°C) for 5-6 minutes or till golden brown.

  • Drain and serve hot 

Pastry: Wheat Flour (Gluten), water,  Salt, Vegetable Oil, celery, and Permitted Preservation(E282).

Filling: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Onion, Salt, Coriander, Green Chilies, Mixed Spices, Mint, Fenugreek, Ginger, and Garlic.