A few months ago, I found myself quite low on energy. I blame the multiple cups of doodh patti and a seriously sedentary Karachi lifestyle for this. Green juice is taking the world by storm for people adopting healthier lifestyles. So did I. Green juice is now an important part of my morning ritual, along with my grooveshark playlist, which is my sorry replacement for YouTube. It’s actually super simple to make and, contrary to preconceived notions, tastes great.

There’re a few variations of green juice. The simplest is using half a cup of spinach, a cup of water and a cup of fruit. Bananas and apples are the easiest fruit to use and great sources of fibre and vitamin C. Bananas are a good source of potassium. I’ve taken to buying organic spinach because I’m always concerned about where my vegetables have been before they land into my blender. Do peel the apples before tossing them into your blender. Blend the apples, bananas and spinach and there you have it. Don’t bother straining the juice and drink up the pulpy, fibre-filled goodness.

You can accessorize your green juice depending on how creative, and healthy, you’re feeling that morning. Chia seeds are packed with protein and cinnamon powder is a natural sweetener. I also add an inch of ginger for a great kick. Health eating shouldn’t feel like a punishment. I’ve experimented with all kinds of fruit: melon, pears, strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple. And I don’t hesitate to create a medley of these, if the fruit is ready and available, and miraculously cut in neat squares, in the fridge. And it tastes gorgeous, not to mention enhance the number of nutrients the juice is giving you.

Another ritual I’ve endeavored to add to the morning is at least two portions of protein. Boiled eggs are super low maintenance, but tend to be quite boring. I’ve mastered a spinach and tomato omelette; as evident, my love for spinach grows exponentially. All you do is sauté a chopped, deseeded tomato in heated olive oil or a pat of butter in a skillet. Once this is done, drop in a handful of spinach, cut into ribbons with the water sticking to it, and allow it to wilt. That would mean a couple minutes with the cover on. Uncover and add two beaten eggs, you can choose to do only whites but I like my yolk, and some seasoning. I’d suggest go low on the sodium. Flip one half over the other to make a nice semi-circular omelette.

While this is cooking, boil up some Mon Salwa Frankfurters or Chicken Cheese Frankfurters on the stove top you’re not using. They’re already cooked, so make sure the objective is only to heat up. Add these to the side of your omelette and you have a protein-and-fibre packed breakfast. Avoid bread and add some Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose to be exact, to your Spotify or Grooveshark list, and you’ve got yourself an energized start to the day. And, you didn’t even need the caffeine.