Our Culture & Values

Careers at MonSalwa are guided by 3 C’s – Collaboration, Cordiality, and Consistency.

Collaboration – The world of business is not one of individual actions, but of teamwork. It is a world where diverse individuals come together, united by a desire to accomplish similar goals. At MonSalwa, we cannot overstate the emphasis we place of teamwork and collaboration. We are guided by the philosophy that the power of individual actions is amplified when people work in teams and collaborate to achieve the impossible.

Cordiality – Respect is at the heart of what we do. We shun the stereotype associated with family-run businesses in Pakistan, and accord each individual the respect they deserve. We are firm believers that a friendly and cordial environment, where people are free to express their opinions and disagree with convention, contributes more to business success than rigid hierarchies.

Consistency – Deliver 100% every time. Success cannot wait for individuals to perform optimally at selected intervals. Success demands consistent action, where every individual in the team is willing to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and commitment every single day. Consistent efforts by employees result in a deliciously consistent experience for our consumers.

If you are a person who embraces these values, then MonSalwa is the right place for you. Apply for one of open positions today, or simply drop your resume to be in consideration for future openings.

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