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Misson Statement

To revolutionize the frozen food industry by offering hygienic, convenient and innovative products of International Standards with continuous research and people development.

Vision Statement

Bring taste to life by providing healthy and delicious products of highest quality to make it convenient for people everywhere.

Our Philosophy

MonSalwa is driven by the belief that food should be artfully prepared, wholesome and safe. We attend to every little detail with the same care as you would in your own kitchen to ensure that you and your loved ones get safe food that taste amazing, conveniently, anytime you desire.

Our People

Here at MonSalwa, we believe in the power of individual acts. But more importantly, we believe in the power of teams. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and every day our employees are busy collaborating across the entire spectrum of our business operations.

Our History

MonSalwa was established by the Sanaullah Group of Companies. The company has roots in Pakistan's early days, when the spirit of private enterprise and business innovation was widespread. Sanaullah Had traditionally been in textiles.

Our Facility

Health and Safety MonSalwa believe in getting great tasting food to you. But this great tasting food should not come at a cost to the health of you and your loved ones.

This is why we follow numerous protocols to ensure that what you see on your kitchen table is the safest and most hygienic product possible. Our facilities are audited by BRC on an annual basis to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene.